Maya Video Products, Inc. published an article in the Westchester County Business Journal, on December 3, 1990, which contains some errors. I worked for this company, as a consultant, at the time, and was the only computer 3D modeler employed there. See: http://www.highbeam.com for more information.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Design Systems" and phone number 212-995-8494 - sellers of hardware and software, to Maya Video Products, Inc., 148 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y.

I found a Mara J. McGinnis, who is 41 years old, married to Karl Bauer in 2009, and who has been employed at Pratt Institute since, at least, 2006.  She is, according to the Pratt website, "Executive Director of Communcations and Marketing", in Myrtle Hall.  She has, most importantly, the same phone number, at her home address, that was entered on a fax from "Design Systems", from someone named "Jonathan", to me, in December, 1990, at Maya Video Products, Inc.  That home phone number is 212-995-8494, and, her home address is:  185 West End Avenue, Apt. 23b, New York, New York  10023-5549.  She has lived in Buffalo, N.Y., Rochester, N.Y. and Scranton, Pa.  She was a writer for the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, in 1998.  Two articles she wrote are about:  2 Professors are appointed Distinguished Professors; and, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to give a lecture:  https://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/1998/06/4236.html

I found a few companies that could be "Design Systems" in 1990, where "Clem" and "Jonathan" worked.  One is located in Williamsville, N.Y.. and, another is located in Dix Hills, N.Y.   The Dix Hills location was filed as "Design Systems of New York, Inc." on August 6, 1987, in Suffolk County, N.Y., with entity address:  "Seth Steinberg, 6 Lauren Avenue South, Dix Hills, New York  11746".  This is an inactive company as of September 29, 1993.

The Williamsville, N.Y. location was filed as "Design Systems Collaborative, A Bissell, Leslie P.C.", on October 7, 1983, in Erie County, N.Y., with entity address:  "Bradlee W. Townsend Esq., 22 Evans St., Williamsville, N.Y.  14221".  This is an inactive company as of March 25, 1992.

Who are "Clem" and "Jonathan"?  I was told that was their names, when I sent and received the fax, and, talked on the phone.  I was told, though, that the chair file that I was sent, on a disk, was one of many, if I wanted any other chairs, on the phone.  THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS THAT I WAS SENT AN AUTODESK CHAIR CREATED FROM AN AUTODESK FILE, WHICH WAS PART OF THE AUTOCAD PROGRAM.  I WAS NOT GIVEN ANY BOOK OR INFORMATION ABOUT THE HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE THAT I WAS USING, AND, I WAS TOLD EVERYTHING WAS NEW.  THE SELLER OF THE SYSTEM TO MAYA VIDEO PRODUCTS, INC. WAS "DESIGN SYSTEMS".

The other two "Design Systems" are:  "Design Systems, LLC", filed January 3, 2005, with entity addres:  363 Canal Street, 2nd Floor, New York, New York  10013;  and,  "Design Systems Group", filed August 15, 2011, in the New York County of California, with entity address:  2604 3rd Street, San Francisco, California  94107, with Sue LaBouvie as Chief Executive Officer.  These are both active corporations with no Registered Agent.  The N.Y. Secretary of State lists these businesses, today.

"Design Systems Group" is a Foreign Business Corporation, ID# 4130895.  The others are Domestic entities.

At this 185 West End Avenue location is another business called "Revesz International LLC" and http://globalreach-radio.com/ .   Could this be the same "Design Systems" that existed in 1990, but, now, existing under a different name?  This company came up when I did a Google search for "Design Systems, New York, New York, 212-995-8494".

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This is YEAR 26! 2016. I didn't know they published the article/advertisement until this year - 2010. That's a 20 year lapse.

Regarding employment at Maya Video Products, Inc.:

my copyrighted work proves that I was employed there and produced work in 1990, as a consultant, full-time for four weeks.

Regarding payment from Maya Video Products, Inc.:

I was hired on the spot after doing a demo with Autocad software; and was paid the student wage of $10/hour, since the job had been posted as a student job. The company had never heard of a Computer Graphics program at Pratt Institute, and I had no diploma to show them, although I had completed requirements for the degree on Oct. 1, 1990, and I was not hired until mid-November, 1990.

The company's hardware and software were new. There were no previous employees, nor previous work, that they showed me or had knowledge of, to show anyone. There were no books or instructions from the hardware/software seller, and I was given their name and phone number, when I asked my male employer.  I have scans of the faxed program, which was sent to the hardware/software seller.  

What was published on Dec. 3, 1990 is entirely fiction and the company based the advertisement/publication on work that I was producing at the hour the publication was distributed to the public. They only hoped for and believed, after talking to me, and, seeing what I was producing.

You don't believe them? I wouldn't believe them but I didn't know they published the article/advertisement until this year - 2010. That's a 20 year lapse.  

The article was published in a Westchester County, N.Y. paper, and, I never saw the paper until searching online at www.highbeam.com.  There is some other place to see this article?  

I find this unbelievable.  I was there.  

I have many, many questions about what happened at this company, right before Christmas, 1990.   Maybe, I will never know.  What I produced for them was technically much more difficult than any work I had produced for Architectural firms that I had worked for, for years, in St. Louis and New York.  I was not paid.  This would be a terrible joke - if anyone believed, in any way, that I was paid for this work completed.  

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Maya Video Products, Inc. had the SUMMA CUM LAUDE's address in St. Louis, way back before the award was given, in 1983 - guess again, bizapedia.com! Errors a few in 1990, errors away today in 2015!


I found this printed online today.  No way an address in Glendale.

Need an address in Glendale for SUMMA CUM LAUDE?

Check out Katherine Bozoian, R.A.'s house there.  She was never TRULY a SUMMA CUM LAUDE nor had anything connected to or any knowledge of who I am or my work places.

I worked for this company in 1990, and they never stepped foot in Missouri nor even heard of the state enough to want to work here.  The company was owned out of Westchester County, New York.

How can a transfer student, from an unaccredited program, in another state, be a class SUMMA CUM LAUDE?     I need the answer to this question.

Who would have the nerve to publish an erroneous address for Maya Video Products, Inc. in Missouri - years after this company closed their doors?  I need an answer to that question.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Joaquin Margot's contacts in Stuttgart, Germany and Paris, France



  Who is Margot Gil?  I saw a www.youtube.com posting of twins, named "Joaquin" and "Margot", a boy and a girl, filmed with the mother of the twins by someone who sounded like Joaquin (Joachim), a couple of years ago.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

ME, in pictures

See, this is me.  The top photo was taken at West County Shopping Mall, JCPenney store, on February 13, 2013.    The bottom picture is cropped from a group photo of Boyd Hall Switchboard Operators/Front Desk student employees,  taken at Kansas State University, in Manhattan, Kansas, in Spring, 1979.

More posts regarding my original work at Maya Video Products, Inc., in 1990.

Maya Video Products, Inc. faxes, regarding computer program in AutoLisp, created December, 1990


Maya Video Products, Inc. room chairs, created by me in 1999.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Visual Effects Oscar Winner not a Computer Graphics nor a Digital Arts major from Pratt

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1874068/  - David A. Shirk, a 1989 B.F.A. Illustration/Film recipient from Pratt Institute received an Oscar, or Academy Award, for Best Visual Effects on the film "Gravity".

Notice, that in 1989, there were no graduates of the new Computer Graphics program.  This did not occur until 1990.

The 1995 Pratt Institute Alumni Directory states that he graduated in 1989 with an undergraduate degree in FILM.  He was working as an Animator for Softimage, and living in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.  The entry does not state that he is married to anybody.  His phone number, at work, was 908-889-7030.

http://lancasteronline.com/elanco/entertainment_and_lifestyle/new-holland-native-up-for-oscar/article_e7589c4c-9b42-11e3-a2be-0017a43b2370.html  - this is an article in his hometown paper on February 21, 2014.

I found this obituary posted on October 7, 2014:   http://lancasteronline.com/obituaries/mary-h-shirk/article_7b351170-4de0-5e6f-916e-a370a1ac5701.html  - a relative, who died, and others mentioned, is my guess.

The 2005 Pratt Institute Alumni Directory states that he is a 1989 B.F.A. Media Arts graduate, and was working as an Animator for Industrial Light & Magic in San Rafael, ,California.  He was living in Sausalito, CA, and married to a woman with a first name of Catharina.  He had work phone number 415-448-9000 and e-mail dshirk@ilm.com.

I had never heard of Softimage until the 2000s, and, still, do not know of anyone who had the software in this St. Louis, Mo. area.  Softimage was created when Alias and wavefront ended, and Maya was created/developed to replace them.  I read this online.  I don't know of any production companies in the St. Louis, Mo. who would know any other story.  Bankruptcy is what I know.
Who did David Shirk know?  Who called him from Microsoft to work in California? Windows was reduced, in the mid 1990s to the tiny windows we know today.

Who cares to know that?  I'm called a liar everywhere else.  I did this work, and, am shown the door.  I'm asked where the guy is who can do that work, that's in my portfolio.  I'm accused of stealing from a room that I've never been inside of, by someone who I've never spoken to, ...you, too?  Those are not normal behavior and decent actions for someone to know.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mistika, S.G.O. and your boy Roy (reference to "The Jetsons" and son Elroy) is colored Berry, first of all

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mistika and http://www.sgo.es/sgo-es/

Mistika is software that won an award on September 18, 2013 in Los Angeles. http://www.sgo.es/2013/09/sgo-wins-international-3d-society-lumiere-award-for-mistika/ and
http://news.creativecow.net/story/872646 and

Joaquin Margot (Gil) was working for S.G.O. in Madrid, the company that developed "Mistika" in June, 1997, when I visited there.

September 18-19, 1992 is when I traveled to Lake Forest, Illinois, with "Kathleen M. Mills", by car, and visited her sister in Tell City, Indiana, first.  http://riveredgehospital.com/

September 18-19, 2000, was when I was transported to the St. Louis Metropolitan Psychiatric Center, 5651 Delmar Avenue, by a St. Louis County van, without notice.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chuck_Berry  and http://chuckberry.com/

I am from Wentzville, Mo., a small town in St. Charles County, to the west of St. Louis, Mo.  Chuck Berry, the famous Rock 'n Roll singer and musician, lived in Wentzville when I was growing up.  He, still, owns property in Wentzville.  There is stated that he is the first musician to be inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.  http://rockhall.com/ and http://rockhall.com/inductees/chuck-berry/

Not surprisingly, his daughter was on the Administration of the medical facility on Delmar Ave.  http://stlconnectcare.org/ and http://dmh.mo.gov/mpc/

Not surprisingly, Chuck Berry has a statue of himself on display on the sidewalk in the Delmar Avenue, University City Loop.  http://universitycity.patch.com/groups/arts-and-entertainment/p/university-city-celebrates-chuck-berry-statue-and-cenf1174b2207

Not surprisingly, he plays, regularly, in the Duck Room of Blueberry Hill restaurant/bar in the University City Loop.  http://stlouiswalkoffame.org/inductees/chuck-berry.html and http://www.blueberryhill.com/

Chuck Berry, now, lives in Ladue, a rich neighborhood in St. Louis County. His daughters and son live in the area, and his children perform with him at the Duck Room.  I attended this loud show in summer, 2013, seeing him, and his grown children, for the first time in my life.

Chuck Berry has a history - was arrested for transporting a minor across state lines for "immoral purposes":

Strangely, "Kathleen M. Mills" stated her sister, Beverly, transported a minor, son of Beverly and Chuck Kincaid, across state lines, implying "immoral purposes", when I knew her 1992-1994.

Sexual abuse, rape implied, prostitution, pornography, underage sex, sex with a minor - Kathleen, herself, was married for the second time, to a man who was twice divorced, already, in 1992.  Her, now, ex-husband, Robert Norton Mills, is, now, divorced four times.  I found that he owns a horse farm, called Royal Oaks Equestrian, on Hwy. T in Foristell, Mo.  Kathleen is remarried, on her third marriage, from what I have gathered, and lives in the Baltimore, Maryland area, and, possibly, Mannheim, Pennsylvania.  She was a Medical Records Manager at Barnes Jewish Hospital, in St. Peters, Mo., in St. Charles County - I found this online today, November 16, 2014.  At the time I knew her, she was a student at Lindenwood College.  Their divorce in on the Missouri Courts case.net page, as is his fourth divorce, against a Lisa Mills.  They owned a large, 2 story brick house, off of Mason Road in Town & Country, between 1992 and 1994, when I knew Kathleen Mills.  I found that this woman has other names, including "Terry Lee Morton".  She used the name of "Terry" in front of me.
See:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Royal-Oaks-Equestrian-LLC/151475038226902    and
http://blog.smartpakequine.com/2013/05/barn-of-the-month-royal-oaks-equestrian-center/  .
See:  https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet/base/welcome.do  .
See:  http://mills-partners.com/ .
See:  http://www.bjsph.org/SiteMap/?sid=19 .

I listened to this bullshit from July, 1992-April, 1994, not even knowing who Kathleen M. Mills was, really.  She told me her husband's name was "Bobby" and he "owned a chain of ice-cream stores".  She told me that she, herself, had been a medical patient at this "Rapha" facility, December, 1991-January, 1992.  Later, she told a group of people, all women, in a meeting called "Rapha", at what is now Destiny Church in Town & Country, Mo., that she attended a dinner meeting at this "Rapha' facility in Lake Forest, Il.  She failed to mention why I was not invited.  I realized, much later, that this woman is a pathological liar, starting with her name.  See:  http://www.destinychurch.org/#/about-us/ecfa   I worked for the Architect of this church:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Charles-L-Willis-III-Associates-Architects-and-Construction-Managers/155008261203145   He is, now, deceased:  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/stltoday/obituary.aspx?n=charles-leyton-willis&pid=154315219&fhid=13783 ; and
http://www.ambrusterchapel.com/.   This is another webpage:
http://one-six-three-zero.blogspot.com/ .

This leads me to another name, Sonya Haferkorn Shannon.  This woman is married to a divorced man, Timothy Binkley, who was Chair of the Computer Graphics program at The School of Visual Arts in New York.  http://www.sva.edu/
She changed her last name to "Shannon" in 1994, with the help of Attorneys on Madison Avenue, in New York.  I have no idea where the last name of "Shannon" came from, but, I know that she lives in the Denver, Colorado area, now, with her husband.  Her husband's first wife has a house address in Denver, Colorado, too, where she lives with her second husband.  Timothy Binkley and his first wife are from the same area, around Denver, Colorado.
See:  http://sonya-shannon.com/ , and http://www.linkedin.com/in/sonyashannon , and https://twitter.com/sonyashannon .  See:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Binkley   and  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/timothy-binkley/11/565/712  and  http://www.artwarestudios.com/about/ .

In early, 1992, I was in Lake Forest, California, and produced work with Alias Animator software at Tad Technical Services offices in Tustin and Lake Forest.  This was the first A/E firm in the U.S. to own Alias Animator software, and I was not paid to produce any work for them, and looked for work for them, myself.  I sent out letters letting others know of the software and myself, hoping to get others interested in using the computer, so that the computer would not be idle.  At that time, even Disney did not own Alias software.  http://www.tadpgs.com/   and  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerAnimator   and  
http://www.autodesk.com/products/alias-products/overview  .

I was the first single nationality American to receive a new degree from international Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A. on October 1, 1990.  I handed in my thesis on September 19, 1990. 

September 19th is what to you?  What's a 9-19? 
What's a 12-3?  What is the 3rd of December?  What is 3D?
What is 4-11?  Who are you?  What is your name?

I have never developed anything for the internet that does not allow entry of a person's full name. 
The internet has promoted simple names, because there's never enough space to enter a full name, when requests exist to do so.
This is criminal. 
There are simple-minded people behind the crime. 
This has been going on for years. 

I worked at AT&T Network Systems in Ballwin, Mo., from September, 1993-1994, in advance of the internet.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avaya    and  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AT%26T_Technologies

In 2003, I logged onto www.aol.com, and created an e-mail address illege666@aol.com.  I am a Christian.  I was born Catholic, and studied in Catholic schools for twelve years.  I know the Bible. 
I am who I say that I am.  No legal entity can take away who I am, what I am, what I have created.  No lies here.  I need money, and have never had money.   The liars need to go to jail.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Computer Graphics World - 2014 Student Academy Award Winners

Computer Graphics World - 2014 Student Academy Award Winners

2 winners from NYU, and one from USC!
Pratt's entry was in the running, but, didn't win this year. 
When I had my thesis to enter, in 1991, a SIUE entry had won,  in 1989 - "Achievement: The Yuppie, John H. Behnke, James M. Peterson – Southern Illinois University", but, in 1991, I had been at NYU working with Maya Video Products, Inc.; and, in 1992, lived near the USC campus, in an all-girls dorm, working with Tad Technical Services, and Alias Animator. 
I'm from Missouri, but, relocated at a young age.  In 1991, I was forced to return back because of lack of money at the new program at Pratt Institute.
I would like to relocate and work.  Is there money and work out there, in 2014?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Computer Graphics World - 2014 Student Academy Award Finalists

Computer Graphics World - 2014 Student Academy Award Finalists

“Umbra,” Pedro Jesus Atienzar Godoy, Pratt Institute, New York 

The realm of Maya as written in Chapter 6 in Paul Tillich's book "The Courage to Be", published 1952, Yale University Press - 34th printing 1970

Chapter 6.  Courage and Transcendence [The courage to accept acceptance]

As written on page 157, and continuing to page 158:  "It seems that in India, for example, courage is considered the virtue of the kshatriya (knight), to be found below the levels of the Brahman or the ascetic saint.  Mystical identification transcends the aristocratic virtue of courageous self-sacrifice.  It is self-surrender in a higher, more complete, and more radical form.  It is the perfect form of self-affirmation.  But, if this is so, it is courage in the larger though not in the narrower sense of the word.  The ascetic and ecstatic mystic affirms his own essential being over against the elements of nonbeing which are present in the finite world, the realm of Maya.  It takes tremendous courage to resist the lure of appearances.  The power of being which is manifest in such courage is so great that the gods tremble in fear of it.  The mystic seeks to penetrate the ground of being, the all-present and all-pervasive power of the Brahman.  In doing so he affirms his essential self which is identical with the power of the Brahman, while all those who affirm themselves in the bondage of Maya affirm what is not their true self, be they animals, men, or gods.  This elevates the mystic's self-affirmation above the courage as a special virtue possessed by the aristocratic-soldiery.  But he is not above courage altogether.  ...

...Doubt is directed toward everything that is and that, according to its Maya character, is doubtful.   Doubt dissolves the veil of Maya, it undermines the defense of mere opinions against ultimate reality."

This book was written, "As based on the Terry Lectures delivered at Yale University".

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty - Another 3rd of December reference to Maya

I just saw the movie "Zero Dark Thirty" on DVD, starring the Oscar Award winning Jessica Chastain, who plays the lead female named "Maya", only one name.  This female lead is the only female at the table in the Middle East, in Pakistan, among the CIA members who meet there and discuss the hunt for, and killing of, UBL, or Osama Bin Laden, who they call "Usama Bin Laden".   There's another lead, a guy who opens the show with "Maya", who tells their prisoner "If you lie to me, I hurt you".
Well, I've been lied to, and, to follow the lead of The Academy, and all those who awarded the Science & Technology, or Sci-Tech, Oscar to the single female winner who developed the "Maya" software, I recognize the offense and the offenders.  I saw the torture you presented as entertainment in this movie.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barco Invoice 2004

I  N  V  O  I  C  E

March 4, 2004
Maya Video Products, Inc.
Pres. Kennedypark 35
BE 8500 Kortrijk

Dear Barco,
I am a Registered Architect, and have a Master of Fine Arts (Computer Graphics)[and Interactive Media]. 

RE:  Copyrighted Technical Drawings, completed for Maya Video Products, Inc. in New York in 1990.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Warning: 
Motion Pictures and Video laserdiscs are protected by copyrights issued by the U.S. Government. 
The F.B.I. investigates allegations of copyright infringements done willingly and for profit.
Convictions may result in a a fine up to $10,000 and/or inprisonment up to one year.
Title 17, U.S. Code, Sec. 104.

I am owed money for work completed as a consultant from November, 1990 to December, 1990
for Maya Video Products, Inc., an upper east side of Manhattan, N.Y. firm for which I produced
3D AutoCAD drawings of their projector and typical spaces.  For use of copyright, as registered
with the U.S. Copyright office, Washington, D.C. - Video Projectors and Spaces, under my name:

Large Rail space with rear projection:  $4000
Meeting room space with rear projection:  $4000
Projector in room using rear projection:  $4000.

Payment within 30 days by money order or cashiers check to:  
Theresa Marie Bextermiller, R.A.,M.F.A.                                                                                            
1120 Blendon Place
St. Louis, Missouri   63117-1911    U.S.A.


Theresa Marie Bextermiller, R.A., M.F.A., married name Metzger



Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Maya Video Products, Inc. Supporting Materials - Maya PLE CD, picturing Joachim Margot; copyrighted drawings color enhanced; Published article dated December 3, 1990

VA 1-228-298, U.S. Copyright effective 6/17/03.

VA0001228298  is the Registration Number to enter at those links,  when doing the search.

See the letter from Alias, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (envelope  not shown)

In truth, and to correct what is written in Alias' letter - Barco is a partner with Alias, Inc. in Europe, and bought Maya Video Communications, Inc. in New York.   Maya Video Communications, Inc.'s former name was Maya Video Products, Inc., in Nov. and Dec., 1990, when I knew them. In 2003, their name and address were written on the internet - same address that I knew on Madison Avenue, and I reported this in work completed to the California Architects Board. I have had this company on my resume since working there, so many people have seen this. The N.C.A.R.B. or National Council of Architectural Registration Boards has a record of my work experience.

Alias, Inc. is headquartered in Germany in Europe, and Barco is located in Belgium.
Information current as of 2004.

Supporting material:
published article, dated December 3, 1990, in the Westchester County Business Journal, author Don Dzikowski.

 I suggest opening these two pages of the article in a new window in order to read them - right click and choose  "open link in a new window" .

The other Maya Video Products, Inc. Barco projector and spaces drawings and Maya PLE CD pages can be opened and looked at the same way.

Scanned images added to the blog on January 26, 2014.
This blog was first published on January 15, 2013.

https://www.linkedin.com/company/alias-systems-corp -  this is Alias Systems Corporation on July 16, 2015.

I heard from Susan Kayser, German Registered Architect, a friend of Joaquin Margot Gil's, and Madrid, Spain.  https://de.linkedin.com/pub/susan-kayser/46/a87/1a6

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Engineering 1988-1990

According to this webpage, Polytechnic Institute of New York University has had an ABET accredited program in Computer Engineering since 10/1/1989. 
The School of Engineering and Department of Computer Science at Pratt Institute closed and gave out their last degrees in May, 1993, according to publications from Pratt Institute. 
The Department of Computer Graphics gave out their first degrees in May, 1990, according to my knowledge.
Polytechnic University had a School of Engineering that took students from Pratt, to finish their degree, starting when?  I was told that the School of Engineering was closing in 1988, when I first entered Pratt Institute.  So, I didn't even inquire about entering that school.
10/1/89 was when Isaac Victor Kerlow, M.S., Chair of the Computer Graphics program at Pratt, announced the name of the new degree that we had been working toward for over a year, in a thesis handout. 
What he had been calling a "Master of Computer Graphics" was, as of 10/1/89, or around there, a "Master of Fine Arts (Computer Graphics)". 
I never took a single  Fine Arts class while enrolled at Pratt Institute.  As of 10/1/89, I was starting my thesis work and all of my other credits had been fulfilled.  With no previous theses completed or previous graduates, and few if any comparable Computer Graphics programs in existence, I only knew Architecture, and completed original Architectural work as part of my thesis. 

Thesis on www.youtube.com:

This woman used my name to advance:

I knew Anne Tyng, in 1990, when I was working on my thesis.  I, just, visited her twice in Philadelphia, at her house, and, she showed me the Architecture Department, at the University of Pennsylvania, on one of these two visits.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Community college and the Associates degree 1978-1983


http://www.donovanhatem.com/attorney/sue-e-yoakum/ -  Kansas State University B. of Architecture, class of 1983, classmate Sue Yoakum, R.A., Attorney at law is employed here, according to this website.  I don't want to insult you, Sue, but, I entered with scholarships, sat in the rear of the class, worked five jobs while a student at Kansas State University, finished with more  

Unlicensed professional practice - Architecture 1995-1996-present

I found the names and addresses of those I knew who were working at Fru-Con Engineering, Inc. in 1995, who were licensed:
Mr. Robert Rice, 166 Flamm, Silex, Mo. (Lincoln County), Mo.  63377 - licensed since 1991;   Mr. Jerome Ribaudo, 3121 Rocky Ridge Drive, Glencoe, Mo.  63038  - licensed since 1989.
Jerome Ribaudo had worked in the Middle East, I was told, and, he had a baby, and his wife had worked at Washington University (School of Medicine).  He was building his own house in 1995, and had his own home office in 1996, when I was invited to come over and see him there.
Robert Rice is the nearest licensed Architect geographically to my parents' house in Wentzville.  I don't know when he moved there, but, there weren't any there in 1991, when I moved back from New York.  He had an Open House at his acreage in Lincoln County, near Troy and Hwy. 40/64, when I was first employed at Fru-Con, but, I declined the invitation, on the basis of sexual intonations in a home invitation.  I never met his wife and know he did not have any kids.  He decided on a license in New York shortly after I was let go, around 1997, if I remember correctly.
I invited Mr. Cliff Parmer, R.A. out to lunch shortly after I was let go, to discuss work and a reference (not to mention my time sheets).  He declined on the basis of sexual intonations? 
Who do you think has appeared wherever I am, on the road, or at work, since July, 1996?   You know them.
 ADDITIONAL:  January 29, 2013
Most importantly, women working in Architecture are small in number, especially in the midwest.  For that reason, there are women who CLAIM TO BE WORKING IN ARCHITECTURE and/or PLANNING, and, are in fact, not educated or employed in Architecture, but, have worked in Interior Design.  Interior Design is the design of the interiors of buildings, and does not include the structural design.  This fact can be overlooked when hiring, because of the widespread usage of nepotism in the job market - if you are related to an Architect, you can work as an Architect.  In my case, I have an Aunt who is educated as an Interior Designer, and went through the University of Missouri- Columbia program in Interior Design, and graduated.  She was licensed in Interior Design - grandfathered in when licensure was started.  At that time, I had graduated with a degree in Architecture, from Kansas State University, and needed work.  I found work at Hospital Building and Equipment Company, or HBE Corporation, in Creve Coeur, in 1987, and worked there, as a Graduate Architect.  That was when I became aware of a Barbara Fitzgerald, Interior Designer, who was working for a male Architect's relative's Interior Design firm.  He asked me if I knew a Barbara Fitzgerald, and said that this company had hired another woman, of the same name - Barbara Fitzgerald -  they weren't too happy with, for some reasons.  I did not know Barbara Fitzgerald at any job during this time - I was busy with my Architectural work, and trying to pay off bills.   I do not know this woman, at all.  In 1987, she was living someplace temporarily, because her place of residence was Florida, and found work here, in St. Louis, by using my name.  I never used hers.  I don't know the woman. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - published July 1, 2002, in the "Dimensions" newsletter, by the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects:

"Kathleen A. Wa r m a n ,  owner of  W a r m a n  D e s i g n  G r o u p  A r c h i t e c t s located in Kansas City, Missouri, has been appointed by Governor Bob Holden to serve as a member of the Architectural Division of the Missouri Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects.
Ms. Warman's appointment went into effect on May 1, 2002. Ms. Warman has been licensed as an architect in Missouri since October 1, 1990. She is also currently licensed in 16 other states and has more than 18 years of architectural experience. Ms. Warman attended the University of Kansas and received a Bachelor of Environmental Design in 1983 followed by a Bachelor of Architecture in 1988. She is active with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, American Institute of Architects, University of Kansas Alumni Association, Williams Educational Fund, Briarcliff Elementary PTA, and the Kansas City AIA Education Committee for which she Chairs. She is also a Board Member of the Northgate PTSA . Missouri statute provides that Board Members shall serve a term of four years or until his/her successor is appointed by the Governor.
Ms. Warman was appointed on April 23, 2002 to replace Victoria L. Noteis, Kansas City, Missouri whose term expired on September 1, 2000.
Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors & Landscape Architects"


I remember reading this, because, at that time, I had married in 2000.

There's nothing in this woman's experience and membership that is any differently qualified than mine - except she is/was a member of the "Briarcliff Elementary PTA".  I still have no idea what the "Northgate PTSA" is, or what Architecture has to do with the "Williams Educational Fund".  The 16 licenses, in other states, are around the country and only count for more money, since, if you have one, all you have to do is fill out paperwork and get another, after you pay the fee. 

And guess, what, the PTA brochure appeared.  I saw the PTA brochures at the FIRST Robotic Competition at the Edward Jones Dome downtown, St. Louis,  January, 2012.   I have a copy of that brochure.  Just, for your information, the PTA is the Parent-Teacher Association, which keeps the adults involved in their children's education, starting from a young age.  Now, who does not know that or has never heard of the PTA? 

That's a public organization - anyone can join, even those who don't have children.


Fru-Con Engineering, Inc. and MicroStation software 1995-1996

I was hired, after two interviews, at Fru-Con Engineering, Inc., in July, 1995, through PDS Technical Services, Inc. and Mr. Jim O'Daniel.  I interviewed with Kristen Stabler, R.A. in New York, Mr. Robert Rice, a W.U. grad and head of the Arch. Dept., and Mike Ratliff, who I thought was a R.A. in Mo., but, I found out, much later, that he was the nephew of one of the partners of the same last name.  I interviewed the second time with Cliff Parmer, R.A., who hired me at the same wage I had made at M.K.-Ferguson Group, where I had worked on contract 6/94-2/95, which was $15/hour, no benefits.  I did not work overtime at M.K.-Ferguson Group. 
Because of my knowledge of computers and software and Windows, I was able to go to work right away, and produce drawings for a large project in St. Charles County, at MicroElectronic Materials Corporation.  I had a side table, that could be used for drafting, but, was covered with blueprints, that were redlined or previously completed.  I never drew a single line while working at Fru-Con.  But, this is not so bad - I noticed that many did not draw a single line on a computer, either, while working as Architects or Engineers at Fru-Con.  They did  not buy a book to learn  how to do this, nor, did they show an interest in having any software on a computer on their desk.  In fact, they had a schedule that included:  coffee, then, a soda;  then, read the daily paper;  then, lunch, maybe with someone in the firm;  talk to the Secretary;  then,  write a letter or call someone for some reason;  or get together in a meeting after grabbing some drawings.  I never had any direction from any of the people who hired me in how to produce any drawings with any software or by hand, or where to find answers to any Architectural or Engineering question in the office, such as where the codes were located or where anyone sat, in fact.  Cliff Parmer came over to my desk every day and talked really loud over my head so that everyone in the area could hear what he said, telling me nothing but just letting everyone know he was there.  Then, just before Christmas, he called me over with Joe Ruma and sat down at a table and stamped all of the drawings with his Architectural stamp in front of me, and signed them all.  He and Joe, then, went on Christmas break for about 10 days, letting me sit with the computer and drawings, which made me so sick I was hospitalized.  I was not paid extra to stay over the Christmas holiday.  I was not paid anything to have an Architectural license or a Master's degree, since only Robert Rice had a Master's degree, and he had needed this in order to be licensed because he had gone through Wash. U.  Of course, he needed a lot of money, too, because that took 6 years at a high priced private university, and his wife needed a new coat, car, and dinner out, after living on their ranch out there in the country.  I could not have imagined that he would just call me in, in June, 1996, to the office of Mike Ratliff's uncle (whom I never met before that day), after lunch, and tell me to "get my things and go".  Well, I had a question about what that meant.  I had heard about the guy who was called into that office and was just going to move to "Dad's condo in Florida"  for awhile.  That guy didn't have a license in anything nor a Master's degree, but, he had a wife who needed a new car.  I had given a ride to a guy who was hired from California or somewhere, and put up at a hotel on Manchester Road, near Clarkson Road, for a week or so, from the office back to the hotel.  I heard about the woman who was told to stay out in West St.  Louis County, since the office was located there.  Well, those were people who were told little, but, snob stories about what THE HUMAN RESOURCES AND PARTNERS considered the places to live.  West County IS West County.  If you don't know that you could end up hurt bad.  So, those people just went away somewhere after a short time - I guess back to where they came from, such as California - you know, because they get the SEISMIC topics on the exam.  Well, I found that the partners can't even write a decent letter to a client. I found that photography is the same as Architecture, if your Dad is employed at the same firm you are, at the same time.  I found that being married to some guy who's an Engineer entitles you to a seat in the firm where you don't have to do anything, or look at anything, or know anybody, but, your husband.  I found that having your sister employed there puts you, and her, at risk of being hurt, by other women employed there, if you're a guy.  I'm still trying to figure that one out.  Well, there was one floor I never even saw while working there for nine or ten months, until June, 1996.  Some obese guy came in and sat near me, in the next booth, and wanted to know where Wentzville is located, which is where I am from, but, appears on a lot of street signs because is located at the intersection of two highways - I-70 and I- 40/64.  There was a young Asian woman who had just had a baby, I was told, who was from California or somewhere out west, who sat in that same seat, later.  She didn't even know that some in the company went out for lunch, across Manchester Road, to a Chinese restaurant.  There was one guy who came in, from New York City, who said he was near bankruptcy, and needed work.  The regular paying employees didn't lift a hand to know MicroStation or the jobs that were being produced while I was there.  Joe Ruma was thought to be something with a computer, but, he did not obtain a license until years later - you know what he had, do I have to repeat myself:  a wife and a baby, who needed a bigger house in Clayton.  I drove a car that I couldn't afford to purchase every day to work, lived in a house that I couldn't afford to purchase the entire time, and had no idea what was happening in New York with any software or anyone I had known.  I sent e-mail for the first time to Prof. Michael O'Rourke, in the Computer Graphics Dept., in 1998, regarding work and money.  I got an answer back - " I don't have any money for you".  There was never any mention of Maya software or anything regarding Alias/wavefront, Inc. by Pratt when I looked online on a public computer in the library in Clayton in 1997, 1998.  I did not know that Maya Video Products, Inc. had partnered with A/w and SGI and Pratt until 2003, when I received a Maya PLE software CD in the mail, showing Joaquin Margot, M.F.A., and Pratt classmate 1988-1990, on the cover.  I talked to a receptionist on the phone at A/w in Toronto, who told me she was sending me a Maya CD, and, I was like, kinda, "isn't that funny - I worked for a firm named Maya Video Products, Inc. in New York"  but, she didn't have any idea or what you know a person would have, see?  Funny. 

YOU KNOW.  WHAT'S FUNNY TODAY?   Get your head examined.  You don't know where the ax will land next.

I need a condo in Florida.  Does anyone have one REAL CHEAP?

I am a Registered Architect, and have a Master of Fine Arts (Computer Graphics)[and Interactive Media], am an Individual Real Estate Broker in Missouri, and have a National Council of Architectural Registration Boards certificate, since 1996, and record since 1983.
To clarify why I don't mention the names of the people who I worked with at Fru-Con Engineering, Inc., who were there on contract through Peak Technical Services, Pittsburgh, PA. - I didn't need to know them.  I was never introduced to them.  I knew their first names, at the time, and I may have heard their last names spoken.  I did not have any access to their time sheets, and, only their initials appeared on the drawings.  In fact, I was let go so suddenly that I left my time sheets there, at the office, in my file cabinet drawer, at my desk.  I did not get them back, and have never seen them.  One would think a company would want to forward property to an employee that has left, anything that has belonged to them.  Not Fru-Con.  They did not contact me nor talk to me about anything, and I have never heard mention of my time sheets or copies of my time sheets.  I was given two weeks severance pay, and, I called PDS (Piping Design Services, in Maryland Heights, Mo.) Technical Services and Mr. Jim O'Daniel, afterwards, who had placed me at Fru-Con.  I had thought that Jim O'Daniel was a P.E., for some reason, and, if he never was, this would be a significant lie to me.  I went to Peak Technical Services in Pittsburgh, after being let go from Fru-Con, and was placed at a company in Philadelphia, and told to stay in a hotel outside of the city.  While in Philadelphia, at the Kling Lindquist Partnership,  I earned the highest wages of my career, but, lost all of my savings, which was a couple of thousand dollars, staying in a hotel.  My wage went up without any reason, and, then, after being placed there with a man who had no education nor license, I was let go, and, told to wait for an interview with a firm in Boston.  I was at a hotel from mid-June to mid-July, costing thousands of dollars, since no discount given me by the hotel or Peak Technical Services.  This is before the resident hotel, even, was built around the country - which did happen, shortly afterwards.  This was before women worked on the road, and traveled in order to have work.  You know, this was when men were being sent to the Middle East, at high wages, on projects being built there, before 9/11.  I have never known any women Architects who were sent to the Middle East to work.  I have never known any women who were licensed and worked with software, in New York or in Philadelphia or anywhere. I saw a project being worked on in Philadelphia, and, happened to be around when the room was filled with employees coming in for work - all men.  Not a single woman.  You think they were all licensed and had N.C.A.R.B. certificates?  What do you need - a good reference, stating that you - although a  woman who knows what she's doing, wearing a skirt and nice clothes, with an education and licenses and certificates, can do the work - to get hired and stay employed?  In fact, I got to know the woman receptionist, who thought I was, even, an oddity.  I'm not mentally ill.   I'm just doing my work, under the highly thought-of N.C.A.R.B.  Now, what is the N.C.A.R.B. going to have to do me over for next?  I NEED MONEY.   There's no Christmas here, and hasn't been for years, and, I know, the year is 2012.   I didn't think I would need my own Attorney's license.  Why put that on me, too?  I just can't keep up, and, my skirts are getting to look more and more the same, over the years.  What's the name they have now?  Can someone post the guy's name and bio?  Let me know he's coming?  Let me know where I was just was and what's going?  You have a way. 


Stubbins Associates Inc.  

1030 Massachusetts Ave., Ste. 4
Cambridge, MA 02138-5335
United States
(617) 491-6450
(617) 491-7104

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


2010  M.F.A. Digital Arts grad, Mr. Zach Hyer, won a Student Gold Academy Award in June, 2011, for his thesis, entitled "Correspondence".  http://www.oscars.org/video/watch/38saa_animation_gold_hyer.html


2011 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film category—The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
A Pratt Institute Digital Arts grad - Kyoung “Kay” Park (M.F.A.’07) - was the Character Technical Director on the movie.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Monday, September 10, 2012

Barco, the company

I found a pencil case, dated from the 1980s, which had belonged to my brother John, among items in storage in Missouri, in August, 2012.  The red canvas cloth, single snapped envelope-type case has the word 'BARCO' in white ink on the lower, front right hand corner, with the words 'feel the difference!' below the word 'BARCO'. 
There are still pencils, crayons, erasers, and other items inside of the case, that he used while in grade school at St. Theodore's Catholic School, in Flint Hill, Mo.  I don't know who would have known the school, at that time, from 'BARCO'.  I suppose, today, that a salesman left these, as promo items, for the students, after making a sale of a projector to the school. 
I haven't seen the projector, and didn't have a clue that 'BARCO' was known here, in Missouri, prior to finding this pencil case.
On the other hand, when I went to stay at my Uncle and Aunt's house, in Des Peres, Mo, in 2/1991, I saw my Aunt, Mrs. Jan Buxton Unterreiner, give away a slide projector, to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or whoever was collecting, at that time.  She, also, had a collection of magnetized tapes, such as Silicon Graphics, Inc., was using with their hardware, in an empty bedroom at her and my Uncle's house.  These tapes were the same as the ones I used for my Computer Graphics work, but, smaller.  I was told that they belonged to their son, Mr. C. Michael Unterreiner, who had moved out, after being married, in 1990.  I have never seen any other similar tapes, anywhere, owned by an individual.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dept. of the Treasury

Dear FMS, Dept. of the Treasury,
I am a Registered Architect, and have a Master of Fine Arts (Computer Graphics)[and Interactive Media].

RE: letter regarding Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y., student loans, payable to US Dept of Education, NYS Higher Education Services Corporation, through SSA, for 'Theresa Marie Bextermiller RA MFA (married name Metzger)'

I received this letter in the mail yesterday. I am not mentally disabled and have never been, but am a victim of crime. FIRST DON'T PAY!!!

I am the first single nationality American to receive the Master of Fine Arts (Computer Graphics) from Pratt Institute, on 10/1/90. I am the first graduate of this program, not gone through any accreditation program until after I left, and into the 1990s. The Chair of the program left in 1995. I have no liability to answer to any more illegal documents sent through the US system or the state of Missouri. The mental disability is on your part - you pay. YOU PAY.

Theresa Marie Bextermiller, R.A., M.F.A. (married name Metzger)
Theresa Marie Bextermiller, Registered Architect
Theresa Marie Bextermiller (Metzger), R.A., M.F.A.,
N.C.A.R.B., Broker - Individual Real Estate Broker in Missouri - since 2000
1120 Blendon Place
St. Louis, Mo. 63117-1911

See: http://stlouis.missouri.org/government/building/info.html
for St. Louis City Building Code contact information.

City of Bridgton, Mo. - Public Works, Trash Pickup - NO CHARGE:

Building Codes and Innovation:

See my webpages: http://www.PrattInstituteComputerAccreditation.blogspot.com

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Death of Mr. Andrew Witken, September 12, 2010, age 58 years old, off the coast of Monterey, California - Computer Pioneer.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Homebuilder's Association, Greater St. Louis Chapter

St. Louis Tour of Green Homes, June 19, 2010See: http://www.greenhomesstl.org/tour.html

Check out the USGBC's (that's the St. Louis Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council) take on this event!!!

Notice anything different? I do.

I attended, and not many people there.

St. Louis Homebuilder's Association:


Guidelines for Green Home Remodeling from the U.S. Green Building Council:


Pratt Institute Graduate Computer Graphics 1989

I am in this picture, on the right side, standing, in the rear, wearing the black turtleneck.  

Monday, July 26, 2010



ACM-SIGGRAPH CONFERENCE in Los Angeles, California, now going on, starting yesterday, 7/25, through 7/29.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Analysis of Acoustic Emissions Generated During Stress Corrosion Cracking

Analysis of Acoustic Emissions Generated During Stress Corrosion Cracking

Acoustic Emissions Stress Analysis - related to Materials and Methods, Strength of Materials, that I studied in the Dept. of Architecture, at Kansas State University, and, later, as a graduate student, on my own.

I am who I say that I am, there is no one else with this same name.
Theresa Marie Bextermiller, R.A., M.F.A. - Registered Architect, Master of Fine Arts (Computer Graphics)[and Interactive Media].
St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A. - long live the red, white and blue!

Peter J. Conlisk dies; used his engineering talents at home and work

Peter J. Conlisk dies; used his engineering talents at home and work

A girl in Engineering could do this.

I am who I say that I am, and there is no one else with this same name.